February 11, 2018

I know nothing

I know nothing
Foolish I have always been
When grace shines
All knowledge drops
Nothing remains 

कैसी अजब माया है, क्या खेल रचाया है

कैसी अजब माया है
क्या खेल रचाया है
मुझसे मुझको अलग करने का
कैसा धोखा दिखाया है

जन्मो जनम बीत गए
जीवन मरण के सफर पर चले हुए
ना मैं तुझसे कभी अलग हुई
तूने क्यों इतना सताया है

मैं हूँ तुझे में
तू है मुझे में
फिर क्या ये सारी माया है
क्या खेल ये तूने रचाया है

तू है यहाँ
तू है वहां
सब तू ही है
फिर क्यों सबको बहकाया है

सदियों सदियों का लम्बा सफर
तय कर
बस यहीं का यहीं
मुझको मुझसे मिलाया है
यहीं का यहींkya
मुझको मुझसे मिलाया है

- तनु श्री 

January 28, 2018

Home decoration and celebration

Home is not a physical place in the world
Home is within

Outer home
Is a space shared with beloveds...

For me decorating this space is not Interior decoration

It is every moment celebration of togetherness

Home is a space where you read with beloveds

Where you meditate with beloveds

When the outside is white

 The inside is colourful and bright

Home is not a space of dead routines
But a space alive, vibrating with life

Home is a space where celebrations happen

And same quilts are shared

and where magic happens in the kitchen...

Home is a story-teller...
With millions of stories...

Home is a space

Created not with furniture
But with Love

Home is a space where creativity happens

Where sunrises are seen

and sunsets are enjoyed with a cup of tea

and where dances happens

This outer home is a moment-to-moment celebration

of the bliss within..

Of the love shared between beloveds

while we are here, in this momentory world

Of living life to its full potential

In all its colours
and wonders

It is a space allowing us to be

While we are here...

Home is the expression of our joy

of being at home within

January 1, 2018

Everything is taken care of, for each one of us

Everything is taken care of
for each one of us

Only we have forgotten the language of the universe
only we have become

Whatever is needed comes to us in the right moment
for each one of us
But we are so lost in our desires
that we cannot understand the difference between
What is needed
What we want

and hence miss the opportunity and keep running to live a life

that is lived effortlessly
the life that I am
the life that is not separate from the entire universe
the life that exists as me
around me

This life takes care of every moment
for each one of us

Just slow down
be at ease
allow the natural harmony to follow
and you will find yourself doing everything effortlessly
and from a distance

the witness does nothing
just witnesses
the play of the universe



Gratitude is not merely for the materialistic expansion of our life...
for a new home
or a new car
or a successful business or job
or family expansion
or financial expansion

Gratitude is for everything in life
for an accident
for a break-up
for a painful situation
for a failure
for each of these teaches us a lesson, that could not have been learnt otherwise
and in turn transforms our eyes to see the world differently

Gratitude is for everything
and for life itself.

For today, my eyes open to see the world, with all its colours, beauty and imperfections
For today, there is love in life and laughter and joy

For tomorrow, I might have to leave this body and the wonder of this world might no more exist for me.

Gratitude can become our moment to moment living.
Gratitude makes us feel one with the universe, for whatsoever happens is accepted with love and bowing down.

November 29, 2017

If today is the last day of my life

If today is the last day of my life
o beloved
I no more seek enlightenment before dying
o beloved

If today is the last day of my life
o beloved
I would spend it in love
just in love
in you, for you, with you
all over you
all embracing you
o beloved

waiting to silently, lovingly
merge into you
o beloved

If today is the last day of my life
o beloved
I would spend every moment in gratitude
for bestowing such beautiful life
with you
for blessing with so much love
o beloved
what more could have I asked for
o beloved

If today is the last day of my life
o beloved
I would wait joyously, lovingly
to dissolve
o beloved

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October 18, 2017

New painting

New painting was waiting to be born ...

Along with the painting, this message descended...
Before there was no thing
Only "That" existed
From "That", duality and entire universe was born
"That" still exists
as the center of universe
as the universe
within and as each particle, planet and being of this universe

Only That Exists
I am That

October 11, 2017

कैसे तेरा धन्यवाद् करूँ ओ प्रिये

कैसे तेरा धन्यवाद् करूँ
ओ प्रिये

तू कितने रूपों में आये
मुझ पर इतना प्रेम बरसाए
ओ प्रिये
कैसे तेरा धन्यवाद् करूँ
ओ प्रिये

कभी नरम गद्दों पर सुलाए
कभी काम करवाए
कभी भगाये
क्या मेरे लिए अच्छा है
तू जान वही करवाए
ओ प्रिये

कैसे तेरा धन्यवाद् करूँ
ओ प्रिये

इतना प्रेम तू क्यों बरसाए
क्या ऐसा मैंने किया
जो तू हज़ारों रूपों में आ
मेरा ध्यान रखवाए
मुझपर प्रेम उड़ाए, बरसाए

कैसे तेरा धन्यवाद् करूँ
ओ प्रिये

जब बस प्रेम ही हो जीवन में
कुछ और शेष न रह जाये
तो क्या रह जाये
तू ही तू
तू ही तू


तू ही तू
ओ प्रिये

तू ही तू
तू ही तू
ओ प्रिये


तू ही तू
तू ही तू


- तनु श्री

September 6, 2017

Union in Love

Dedicated to beloved on today's Full Moon.

It looks different in different lights.