November 2, 2007 ultimate wish...

I wish to live a very simple life...:)
Very simple, so simple that each and every little thing becomes divine, as small a thing as drinking of water, cooking for my sweetheart or my friends, washing utensils, standing in the queue, typing on this keyboard, washing hands...every little thing...
A life so simple where there are no expectations from anybody, no complexities of relationships, no bindings of the mind...where there is just love and where I follow just my heart...
Where life becomes so pure, as pure and simple as a new born child...
where there are no more wishes left, where there is just plain gratitude of life itself, of everything gifted by god...
I wish to live a very simple life...:)


  1. Simple,true,beautiful and "complete" in every sense.

    And am strictly not talking about YOU here ;-). Thankfully, someone else will have to say such lies :-P.

    That was for your wish.
    And from me, it's "Amen"


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  3. Thank u soooo much ji :)
    Getting a complement from you and that too such...ahaaaaaa m on cloud nine :)
    thanks a lot

  4. Words are words. silence is eternal. Silence, not only of the tongue, but of the mind, when external stimuli through five senses leaves your interiority
    untouched and pristine. Osho says,"Don't express the inexpressible, because speech is so impotent in comparision to feelings and experiences. So dont think, just BE.


Thanks for your message :)