May 27, 2008

Singing - I just love it!!!

I never thought I can sing well :). Almost everybody used to ask me to stop singing (except my parents), and the inferiority complex continued to build up. But my parents would always listen to my songs (howsoever cacophonic I might sound), they would always say - "bahut achhe beta! you have improved!" :). Parents are just too cute :).
But once a friend(Ajeya) actually pointed the mistake, saying "please dont come into your singing mode", and I came to know that I sing in a very arificial tone. Also he asked me to breathe while singing, which meant, I used to sing somewhat like himesh :).
I am a good learner and now also knew my mistakes. Another friend (Sachin) advised me to learn singing, and I started, making Kailash Kher my Guru.
I have always been mesmerized by his singing. I love him as a singer, and I feel he is the only singer (these days), who sings from the center, from inside, and whenever I listen to him, I am lost. Who could be a better Guru than him. And I started the riyas. Morning, first thing I would do is singing and also while walking on the road or taking the stroll, I would just sing and I loved it.
I got to know the knack of it. Kailasa sings from the center, and I started doing the same.

I dont know, if everybody would like my singing or not, but friends who used to ask me to stop, now dont, and here and there, I also get to listen to some praise. :)
But, much more important than that is, I love to sing. Its beautiful! And singing a nice song from the very center leaves me so content and calm and silent :)

I am so thankful to my parents and some friends for helping me to reach my center (via singing) and make singing another passion. And I have learnt, never to stop anybody from doing something, in which he/she is not good at, but to support and help him/her. This can also be taken as an important parental advice :).

I would continue to improve my singing make it more and more beautiful and melodious.

Wow!!! Its a beautiful day!!! Started so beautifully!!!


  1. Hmm...Beautiful thought indeed.. :)

  2. Hi,

    Glad to see that what i mentioned
    has brought in a change which you now cherish.

    And to top it, i am glad to see the effect of singing which has brought in you.

    However, forgive me for saying so, but what you have written just do not do justice to the feelings you have inside.
    It immensely falls short of explaining what you feel inside.

    Knowing you personally and knowing how deep Kher's songs are engraved in you, i am sorry to say that you havent just brought yourself out enough.

    If blogs are meant to be a medium where a person can express himself, if you have written this blog to bring out what is inside you, then why leave it half done?
    Why was the door shut before all your feelings could come out? When you have the wings which could let you cross the sea, why would you limit your flight to a mile or two?

    Next time you blog, i would like to see that it makes the readers feel what you felt.

    looking forward to your next blog :).


  3. Ajeya - Thank u so much hai ji :)
    Will surely remember this!!! :)


Thanks for your message :)