May 19, 2009

Bedroom decor...

Along the corridor : wall paintings

The view through the string curtain

The round paintings on the wall (done by me)

The lighter view

The light-ed view

Bells on the curtain, when there is a breeze, these bells create such music

Candles along the corridor, me sitting on the bedroom floor and painting


  1. Someone seems to be in a very artistic mood! :)

    Enjoy maadi! :)


  2. :) nice. i would have loved to see the close up of the wall paintings in the hall way.

  3. OH yes... can we have a close up of the wall paintings.. Very impressive!! I like the string curtains.. they look lovely!! Oh.. the bells is also a fab idea !

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  5. Nice ! When I get a house , you will have to come there to help me look it 'decent' ... And for free ! And the moment you get the slightest idea about charging me, I shall have to open my account book for all the free counseling sessions ! :-P ...but all this work is really reallly good. I like the bells idea the MOST :)

  6. I meant "make it look decent" :-P


Thanks for your message :)