June 8, 2009

A birthday celebration...

Celebration does not need a special day but a special day does need a celebration. And the day of your existence, and the day of your beloved's existence...ah haaa haaa...a very special one indeed :)

I love surprises, receiving and giving, I love to see a smile the surprise brings, on the face of a friend, a beloved, for which I yearn :). But living together, its really difficult to keep any secrecy and surprises, especially when there is much synchronization among the two, and the thoughts and actions are instantly known :). Still I managed to give few surprises, planned tons of them though :)...

June 6th 2009, celebrated my beloved hubby's birthday...

The chance of becoming a child again

Our 'Premasim' decorarted for an early morning surprise

A handmade birthday wish hung in front of the sleeping new-born, to bring the first smile :)

The beautiful flowers

wrapped in a gift ;)

More gifts and cards

The Moons at the beach :)


The existence too gave a beautiful surprise, bringing a beautiful end to a beautiful day :)


  1. Oh Tanu.. how nice!! Thats so lovely!! Happy Birthday to your hubby!! Looks like you both had a great time!!

    Loved the decor.. very impressive! I'm going to try a few of your ideas!!

  2. wonderful! looks like you had lots of fun!
    Happy B'lated Bday to your husband :)


  3. o ji !! thank you for sharing the beautiful moments ji !!! baut zyaada mazza aaya dekh ke !!! And may the sohni sweet jodi have countless birthdays together to celebrate and take us to even more treats :D

  4. Wow ! What a celebration !
    Flowers look so pretty and I love the pic of card with ribbons !
    Wish you both get many more such reasons to celebrate.

  5. I thhink this day would remain unforgottable to both of you..

    God bless both of you.
    And my belated wishes to Sanchin ji on his birthday..

    Good decoration and arrangements Tanu.. :)


Thanks for your message :)