June 20, 2009

On the father's day...

Its said that in 99% cases, a woman is transformed into a mother when she gives birth to a child, but a man is rarely transformed into a father. The role changes but not the being, not the ego...

I am blessed with a 'papa' who belongs to the remaining 1%.

Such a selfless, egoless, innocent, simple, child at heart being...
has loved me unconditionally...
has always given his baby girl complete freedom to just 'be'
has trusted his child more than anybody in the world
has always woken the sleeping child early in the morning with hugs and kisses
has never let anybody to disturb his sleeping children
has devoted his life to arrange the best for his children
has done most of the struggle to bless the children with a comfortable and peaceful life
has shown me my beloved osho and has never asked me to follow anything or anybody
has never shown me a slap
is more like a friend
is short tempered and full of anger sometimes, but the clearest at heart :)
is just happy in his child's happiness, and wants nothing more...
has never told me about any 'should' or 'should not' , 'right' or 'wrong'
has helped me to trust life, follow my heart, and grow into a beautiful unique individual
has no self left...only a child like heart, full of love...

I could not have asked for anything more from god,
I feel truly blessed...

and...on the father's day, I, join my hands, close my eyes, and thank God for blessing me with a papa who truly is my beloved papa :)

I wish a blissful, calm life for you, a life of love, dance and laughter, always...

I luv u papa...:-***


  1. o ji assin veee ji !!! Meetin him was like meetin a friend :) have some of the most special memories to cherish :) and there's a very special one !Will always treasure it all my life ! Uncle hamesha chardi kala vich rahan !

    Luv ,Motu !

    missin my loved ones so much !!

  2. Tanu, am sure your dad must be so proud of you!! You write exremely well... very well expressed!

  3. @motu :))) luv u ji :)

    @patricia: :)) thanks so much :), u made me happy :)

  4. Happy Father's day! :)
    Nice to hear about the love of a dad and the gratefulness of a daughter! :)

    Lots of love,

  5. This is so beautifully dedicated


Thanks for your message :)