June 27, 2009

Living slow motion....

While hugging, one slows down...
while loving, one slows down...
feeling the breeze, one slows down...
listening to the water falling, one slows down...
seeing and admiring beauty, one slows down...
enjoying a cup of tea, sip by sip, one slows down...
looking into the eyes of beloved, one slows down...
a mother feeding the baby, slows down...

to experience everything beautiful in existence, one slows down...
life can be lived and enjoyed, only by slowing down...
a moment is lived, by being here, not running for the next moment, next day, next week, next year, years after years...

why cant we postpone work for a long awaited leave to meet the parents?
why cant we postpone work for a mail to a beloved?
why cant we postpone work for a small trip to a beautiful place with a beloved or alone?

why do we always postpone???
a hug
a gesture of love or thanks
a mail or message
a small bouquet of flowers to a much deserving and loving mom or papa, a wife or husband, a friend or beloved...

what are we running for after all?
we are just moving closer to death...the value paid for running, achieving, is too high,...
Its our life...

slowing down has a beauty that can only be experienced...
wish we enjoy each moment of the beautiful life, innnnnnn slow motion...

what say???


  1. oh my !! Tanu!! so true!!! I'll slow down now... but rest assured it wont last for long.. So will have to come back to your post to remind myself every now and then!! well done again!

  2. reminded me of these lines ji that i had on a beautiful poster in my kitchen when i was in Kota

    "To live Life fully,
    It's necessary to live slowly"

    you know after all these years i realise why it made so much sense

  3. Suresh7:33 AM

    You should write a book!!
    Without postponing any further, I am sending a big hug.

  4. hi..
    amazing blog.. and so true..

    we always postpone telling sumone how much they mean to us..
    and one day we just miss the chance of it..

    p.s was just passing by

  5. lovely post and wonderful blog.loved each word you have written.loved the post whihc read about you and ypur father.very true.Even i am blessed to have a father like yours.Try reading all posts.willt ake some time,but surely will do it.it touches the mind.

  6. Netra, thanks so much, m sure u can easily relate to this :)

    Patricia, thanks a lot :), u inspire me :)

    Motu, we know ji :)

    Suresh, thanks for the complement, encouragement and the hug.
    >:)< a hug from me too...

    deepshikha, i am hounoured, u passed and stopped by and left a wonderful comment... I have a left a comment on ur blog too, a lot of things seem similar...

    Lakshmi, thanks for the wonderful words too and for willing to read my blog...I too loved ur blogs, both of them :)

  7. I have postpone all other work to read your blog ;-)))) Loved it.

  8. Thanks preetika :).
    That means a lot to me :))

  9. Anonymous4:06 PM

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  10. Anonymous1:27 PM

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