August 2, 2009

Happy Friendship Day :)

blessed am I
to have met you...

the smiles
the laughs
the fights
the long talks
the hugs
the cries
the tea
the dances
the love
the care
the togetherness
the silence

the sharing of you and me...
enriching me...

here's me thanking you
for being my friend :)

Friendship is the most beautiful relation, as it is only out of one's freedom...
No bindings, no enforcement...
hence the beauty...
hence the rejoicing...
hence the feeling of such easiness, by just being with a friend...

We come in this world alone, and meet so many beings, as we grow...
Its such a wonder, how friendship happens...
Blessed I feel to have hundreds of friends, friends in school, college, bus, home, road, office...
in my parents, brother, sachin, manager, team mates, neighbours, trees, cats, cows, dogs... :)

some bonds became stronger with time...
while some weakened...
but whatever is the case...
my heart is thankful to you for sharing your life with me...

and whenever I stumble upon a thought of 'you'...
there's a smile...
and a wonder of how is my friend now...

Let me know how are you doing by posting a comment on my blog or writing to me at
You wont know how happy I would be to listen from you 'again' :)))

Love you

Happy Friendship Day :)


  1. Oh ! I'm doing good today :)

  2. Hey dear,

    Nice post again!

    Happy Friendship Day to you too :)


  3. @varu ki bachhi bhootni :)

    @netra: thank u so much...made me happy

  4. Hey! That's a wonderful post! A true celebration of friendship day!!

    May you get more n more true friends in your journey of life!

    All the best!! And thanks for remembering us and making us a part of your life!!


  5. :) You are most welcome prateek :)
    thanks so much for leaving such lovely comment and for the wonderful wish!
    I too wish so :)

  6. I am doing fine, Thanks dear...
    A good creative work done and a really touching one... Keep growing and getting enriched and enriching our life...
    Take care

  7. How sweet :) thank you so much & wish you the same !
    I am doing great & always miss those morning jogs with you in the Domlur park :)!

  8. @thank u so much richa ji
    i too wish the same for you...

    @ purnima...its really very nice to hear from you :)
    the life in bangalore was entirely different and fun..
    hows ur married life?
    thanks for replying :)

  9. Dear Tanu,

    Bahut badhiya likha hai apne. I am so glad that we met. ;-)))

    Keep writing !!!

  10. :) thank u so much preetika ji :)
    i too feel very happy to meet you all :)

  11. hi tanu wonderful post....friendship is all about 3 things... winning,losing n sharing.
    winning ur friends heart, losing ur self ego,n sharing joys n sorrows...and having a gud friends treasure for us.. happy friendship day.. n GOD BLESS

  12. very well said bhaiya:)
    thanks so much!

  13. hey honey!!
    Wish u a very happy friendship's day!!Really miss all the fun we had in our college with d self abbreviated SMART gang!u remember d day whn i bashed u up in d GCR???n d wehla dance parties we used to hv on evry othr occassion....ooohh,wht a time of life!!

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  16. bilkul ji
    SMART group, few days back I was thinking of Jango...:) remember...
    ekdam mast time, mast people...
    lucky to experience this..:)


Thanks for your message :)