January 6, 2010

Sahasrara...the seveth chakra

anand prem


  1. Very nice ... have to say you are getting better ... really loved ur wall paintings but wasn't able to write anything ... be happy in "anand prem"

  2. Beautiful work. Do you know about these chakra books?


  3. @deep: ah haaaa, thanks deep :)
    ye mera naya naam hai :), thanks for loving and most importantly commenting...:)

    @sfauthor: Thanks so much for liking my painting and leaving a comment.
    I have read some and experienced the chakras myself...:)

  4. Gudd yar. aap yo bade dharmik ho gaye. This Chakra is also called- Sachkhand or the 10th dwaar.

  5. painting achi hai!! but ye chakras muje kabhi samaj ni aatey!

    and totally luvd ur wall paintings

  6. Beloved Ma Anand Prem,

    We are delighted that you are now really on the path to finding yourself. His Blessings and our good wishes and blessings are with you and Sachin. We wish from the core of our hearts that Sachin too starts the journey to the inner universe, and soon.

  7. How I really wish that I could also reach the heights that you seem to have attained.

    Your father is jealous.

    Swami Subhash Saraswati

  8. Thanks Tanushri for creating this blog...its an inspiration...truly and it inspires me to love life!!


Thanks for your message :)