February 24, 2010


Whenever I imagine 'friendship',

I see two old men, with long white beard...
one in white kurta pyjama, other in loose shirt and pants
walking together...side by side,
no words are heard...
a relaxation can be felt...

both seem so elated and content having each other around
no expectations in between...
a feel of absolute freedom...
I could hear only silence
feel deep sync among the two beings...

the older they have grown, the more beautiful their friendship has become :)
the physical distance, the families, the situations don't matter much to them
they seem to be linked to each other by a string much deeper...

These two men are my papa and chachu

I fell in love with them and their friendship, when I was a child...

In my life, I have always been seeking such friendship...
feel blessed to have you around...(you know I am talking about you)...:)))

Luv u :)



  1. Honestly yes ! Therez nothing like a friendship like theirs !!

    And kudiye ! You are an awesome friend too ! Sachi muchi :)

  2. :))))
    mere pyare pyare priyajano,
    mujhe khush kar diya :)

  3. Great Outlook :)

  4. kya baat hai or should I say kya maun hai?


Thanks for your message :)