April 1, 2010

Wall painting in kid's room

 Finally, I got to paint the wall. This is Reet's room. Me and Preetika (Reet's mom) painted this cartoon on the wall sketched by Preetika.

Here are the painters :))

We loved painting the wall. It gave a totally different feel to the room.
Reet and all the kids(of the building) liked it and are asking us to paint their rooms too :D. 
How about you? :D


  1. Great.. you guys rock!

    You have all the potential to convert your hobbies into big businesses :)

  2. Ahh haa!!!
    Thanks prateek!!

    Hopefully it happens soon :)

  3. Great going man! :)
    The painting really looks awesome on the wall.
    So, how many walls are you gonna paint in the coming days? :D

  4. hahahaha netra!

    We got contract from the kids but not from the parents and don't even seem to have any success there :)

    So planning to take a big home and paint walls there :)

  5. Hi Tanu, I loved the painting :-)
    Would like to know more about it. Which colors to use and instructions etc..

  6. Hi Anju,

    I am glad you liked it.
    My friend sketched the cartoon on the wall of her kid's room.
    The colours used are fabric colours with water. They give a shine.
    Rest few big brushes and just start with it :)

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