September 19, 2010

The river of existence, प्रकृति

Seeing existence as a vast flowing river,
taking us along, unfolding one mystery, letting us enter into another

Most of us flowing in families, holding hands in fear of losing the other
forgetting totally, that a strong wind will come and all hands will be lost, leaving us alone...
or in a totally different place, with new faces...

While flowing, we desire of this and that, of going back or staying where we are,
but 'whatsoever we desire goes wrong'
for, the nature of the river is flowing...
and we are just like leaves in the vast existential river.
Sometimes, when our desires coincide with the future path of the river, they are fulfilled
and we let ourselves into an illusion of being able to desire and fulfill it too


Collecting knowledge from the past
preparing for the future
dreaming, desiring...
suddenly at one moment we see a situation totally inconceivable
Before I was in an island, now the river has brought me to a desert...
nothing of the past knowledge seem to help,
all my plans, preparations for the future seem to be in vain
The existential river is very creative, it flows through new paths
giving us a taste of it's vastness

Living our lives in illusions,
we tend to forget the real nature of life,
we go on desiring
we go on holding on to people, things, trying not to let them go...
forgetting, all of them; are bound to leave us someday
and we will be left utterly alone


The existential river is very friendly
it takes us from new paths to give us more clarity to see
it gives us silent indications through our heart
it continuously teaches us to live the very moment intensely
without dreaming
without desiring
for, no desire is going to be of help in the future
and; it will take the present away..
The people, I am in love with today
will soon be gone
and I might regret later of not able to live the moments of togetherness...

The life, the existence, this continuously flowing river
gives us newness, keeps us alive...
When it makes us fall in love, let's enjoy those moments of togetherness intensely
without trying to secure them for future
when it makes us alone, let's be fulfilled in our aloneness
For, that is the way to bliss
flowing, flowing, flowing
with river of existence
with life

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