January 13, 2011

Lifestyle Portraits

Lifestyle portrait brings out the real in you.
These portraits are shot in the outdoors, somtimes over a cup of coffee, 
so as to bring out a glimpse of the real being

The beautiful woman in these portraits lives her life smiling and laughing

and sometimes shying...

Her laughter is so authentic and simple...

Lifestyle portrait can help bring to the surface, what no studio photography can...

Hope you liked the Lifestyle portraits of this simple, beautiful, authentic woman :)


  1. Hey Tanu...

    No words my dear...
    so beautiful and .... yaar sachh main words nahin mil rahein...

    Thanks a ton :-)))))

  2. Expressions captured very well :)
    I can imagine the personality behind this face.

    Keep it up my dear

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  4. Tanu is right Suma ! What authentic expressions !!! Keep Smiling :)

    Aur Tanu kee bachee, mera lifestyle portrait kab banaayegi?

  5. Hi Tanu !!

    Im Ashwini Suma's Cousin ,had heard a lot about u :)

    The Portait is just mind blowing! Awesome ..
    Great work !!!
    Captions are just perfect for Sumaakka :)

    Would loved to get a pic clicked by u sme day :)

  6. Suma: With luv...

    Netra: Thanks a lot...:) will keep clicking and keep sharing...

    Varu: Pakka pakka...next time jab bhi milenge to tera portfolio pakka...:)

    Ashwini: Thanks so much for liking the shots and leaving a comment. I am really glad. Its an honour and you are most welcome anytime...:)

  7. Just loved it .. very nice click !!! ;-))

  8. Thanks preetika :)


Thanks for your message :)