July 31, 2011

Being 'Right' ...

What is 'Right' ?

Who owns the right over the 'Right' and the 'Wrong' ?

Who decided the morals of being 'Right' and 'Wrong' ? Were they some supernatural powers or humans like us? If they were humans, why should I follow another human's perception or point of view?

What is 'Right' for one person may not be 'Right' to another.
Being 'Right' cannot be a global phenomenon. The majority may follow certain 'Right' but the crowd is not always 'Right'. The community opinion need not be individual opinion.
When we say 'Society', who makes this society? Is it not the individuals?

Whenever performing any action, ask your inner self for 'What is Right for you?'. Follow it with totality...
Never enforce your idea of 'Right' on any one else. It is very disrespectful to the individuality of the fellow human being. When existence gives utter freedom to every human being to be 'Right' or 'Wrong', who are you to impose yourself over others.

Let's deeply understand our actions.

Feel free to be! YOU ARE FREE!

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