July 10, 2011

My Article got published...

My Article on Photography got published on Digital Photography School :))

A Guest Post by Tanu Shree from Qatar.
This article is written with respect to the intrinsic qualities of being a photographer and their growth as a photographer. It will remind every professional photographer of the journey they started. It will encourage every beginner to learn more, see more and experiment more in the direction of their dream to be a professional photographer.


  1. Congratulations!! I read your post at DPS and followed you here. Your three qualities of being a photographer is perfect. And I am more appreciative on the last sentence that you wrote "God has created such a vast world, with so many colors and variations, that a photographer can never get bored of his passion to see and explore. " Which is I agree 100%. Without the beauty around us, and even we have the newest high tech camera and lenses with out the beauty that is given to us free. ^_^

  2. Thanks Kim for liking the article and for your admiration.

    Yes Kim, being a photographer is much more than just being able to use the equipment well and plan well. I feel being a photographer is much more...

    Thank you for sharing...:)


Thanks for your message :)