January 5, 2012

Peep into my premasim...

We painted this wall RED...

This amazing painting on the right is from Sri lanka.

My small buddha corner...

Flowers & card for my birthday...


  1. The red wall looks impressive Tanu!! Well done!!

    Love your little Buddha corner.. Gorgeous!!

    Also.. also.. I like the little intervened glass... :-) I did that too.. sometime ago.. The look lovely..

    Oh.. and happy new year to you!! Hope you have a rocking 2012

  2. Thank you Patricia for seeing, admiring and leaving a note :)

    A very happy new year to you too! :)

  3. Wow.. I can imagine how much fun it would have been painting the wall by yourself :)
    Very nice colors, gives a feeling of warmness..

  4. Thank you netra and prateek :)

    Fir ghar kab aa rahe ho?

  5. Lovely... Good work of creativity and lots of love put into it... Beautiful.

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  7. Peep into 'my' Premasim...

    मेरी मेरी करत है
    देखो मन की भूल

    फिर पीछे पछतायेगा

    फिर पीछे पछतायेगा...


Thanks for your message :)