November 23, 2012

O love

O love
what is you

when u come from nowhere
'I' disappear

and when you disappear
I fall into an illusion rare

O love
what is you

For ages,
I have been misunderstanding you

O love,
when will I know the truth of you

when will I free you
of all clinging,
of all jealousy,
of all self...

when will I sink deep
into you

when will the barriers break
of I and You

O love,
when will I let you reveal
the truth of you
real beauty of you

O love

Copyright(C) Tanushree 2012. All Rights Reserved


  1. O poet, its in there of you,
    O poet, you know its true!

    O poet, thank you
    O poet, may love be always with you! :)


Thanks for your message :)