March 7, 2014

Beauty in everyday life - Mobile Photography

Within the huzz-i-ness and bus-i-ness of everyday life, I cannot carry the DSLR camera everywhere.

Thanks to the little mobile instrument, that helps me to see the world again
with the eyes of a photographer,
searching for beauty in every pebble, every grass, to eyes of people,
from every tiny thing to the vastness around.

Pardon me for the low clarity, as the mobile is a simple one, with 5 mega-pixel camera.
Sharing...hope you enjoy the pics.

A simple morning...

Afternoon...with rays filtering through my shawl on my robe

A relaxing kitten

Fallen yellow flowers on the earth

shadows on a fallen leaf

Having water-melon juice...

small little flowers on the road side

Colourful chappals on the colorful floor

Another unique morning....lady cleaning the garden

 A noon creating crisp reflections on the blue

And evening of people rushing to home

A night of candles and flowers

    shadows on a zebra
Colours and curves....

Smiling flowers    

Simply Relax....there is nowhere to go... :) :)


  1. Just saw the album you put up and wanted to thank you for all the amazing shots!!! Awesome !

  2. Good work my dearest...

  3. Simply Love it Tanu!
    Nothing too fancy but in reality these pictures of the 'simple' in fact 'very simple' things in life, that we sometimes do no notice or pay attention to, reminds is of how we are missing so much!
    We need to wake up!!!

  4. Thank you dinesh ji...
    am so glad you liked the pics :)

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  6. thank you bapu....aap se hi seekha hai :)

  7. Thank you mandy
    yes....its a beautiful world... :)

    Only we need to be more sensitive :)

  8. Zorba Jeevan Moksha: very creativly taken pics

    Richa Awasthy Delight to senses, thanks for sharing.

    Varuna Gupta Loved all the pics !! You will find the smiling flowers on my old photo blog as well. They were my favorite

    Daman Soni Beautiful!!!

    Dinesh Kapur Phenomenal !!!

    Upasna Gupta Amazing!!!

    Swami Ashwani Bharti Tanu, I am simply astounded by the stunning beauty of these marvellous images...... And the more I see them the deeper becomes my inability to find some words to describe them. ..... EACH ONE A MASTERPIECE !!!!!

    Jafar N Kodekal awesome!!!

  9. Beautiful eyes tanu ji:)!


Thanks for your message :)