December 2, 2014


Birds talk to me
They come near, look at me
and communicate so clearly
Cows talk to me
Squirrels come so near that
I can spread my arm and touch them
But I don’t
I become totally still
So not to disturb them
Seeing their play
And feeling joy within of their trust in me

I understand the dogs, their eyes, their senses
Everything talks to me

I feel the presence of a vast tree
It feels like an embrace so comforting
and I become silent and still
my hands fold in Reverence to the tree
for sharing its silence and stillness with me
I move in the presence of the tree and
While moving. feel the absence of the tree too…
Its invisible presence is vaster than the visible

Hands fold and head bows down in gratitude
To existence for loving and trusting me
May grace shower its wisdom and courage in me
So as not to betray the Trust, she has in me
Not even unconsciously

In Love and Gratitude

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