December 3, 2014

Lost Friends

Creativity expressed itself in a new form.
A story descended today. I penned it down. Sharing it with you.

I have heard of a story of a group of friends.
They loved each other, bonded together, shared their joys and sorrows.
Once they went into a jungle together, helping each other on the way.

But to their surprise, they found that they are lost. All of them decided to move in different directions as to find the way Out of the jungle.
So they all walked on their own paths, day in and day out; each one believing that he Will Find the way.

Fortunately one of them could see the way out of the thick jungle. Just before he could step out of the jungle, he ran back in to tell his friends and bring them with him.
He ran and ran until he found one of the friend. He tried to convince that he now knows the way out. This friend looked at him, trusted and felt that he is saying the truth and joined him.
They both then started searching for other friends. After some search, they found another friend. The first one told him that he knows the way out and asked him to join them.
This friend did not get convinced and said that he is sure that he will find the way thru his own and would not want to join.
The first friend convinced again and asked him to look into his eyes, and see the truth of his knowing, and why to be lost, when one has found the way. Why not share what is known to one?
The friend became soft, seeing the danger of remaining lost forever, trusted his friend and joined him.
They then moved together to search for the remaining ones. All of them joined except one, who was adamant on not joining.

The first friend seeing the tiredness of all friends, shared with them The Way Out.
When they reached out of the jungle, he stopped; had some food for energy and  told his friend that he will go back.
When his friends asked, why?
He replied; ”I know the way back. I will carry food for the one who is still in the jungle and join him, in his search. If he finds the way out, it would be great. Else, if he gets tired of his search, at least I can bring him back, so that he is not lost forever. Only one of the things can happen, either we both will reach through his way, or he will get tired of his search sooner or later. And, I wish to be with him in both the situations.”

Saying this, he went back to join his lost friend.

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