June 11, 2015

Mundane Life...Really?

Beloved Friends,

I am grateful to you for reading the posts.
Receiving feedback from some of the friends on the last post, it seems that the message may be misinterpreted.

As a writer, I have responsibility and shall try that there are least mis-interpretations. The message of the post on Sensing and experiencing was that
'We are Beyond the sensing and perception'

Senses are a Gift to us, but unfortunately, in our mundane life, we use less than 20% of our senses.
And that is why, our life seems to be mundane. If we begin to use all our senses, every moment,
our thoughts shall totally disappear, and we shall rest in the silent being within.

A painter uses more of his senses and so perceives the world deeper than others.
Similar would be for a poet say.

If we bring all our senses to the present moment, and
listen to all the sounds, e.g. sound of the keyboard
sound of the fan, and the bells ringing through breeze, sound of beloved singing...
The touch of the keyboard, of laptop, of the body resting on the floor,
the reflection of lamp in the laptop screen...
the faint sounds,
the soft touches,
the subtle smells,
the mundane tastes,
the beauty in simple views

Has the touch of beloved,
ever touched your soul inside?

Drinking a glass of water, do you feel the coldness of glass?
the water flowing inside.
the faint sound of water drinking.

Having our everyday meal, touch of the morsel,
the colours of food, the taste, the sound of chewing,
the variety of subtle aromas.

The same home, but every moment, every thing is changing, the curtains moving,
the people around, with ever-changing expressions, their eyes moving,
the new hugs, the light falling on their faces reflecting uniquely every time.
The ants moving on the ground, the leaves falling or new leaves coming...

Life is continuously flowing and there is Nothing Mundane in this life.
Everything is Divine.
Only we have lost our sensitivity to feel, experience deeply.
The more sensitive we become to every moment, through every act
the more we rest in our Silent Being within, and the deeper ONE is touched.
Or the more we rest in our silent being within,
the more sensitive we become.

This ONE that is BEYOND and ever-embracing all senses and perception.

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