May 2, 2017

Painting Exhibition at Toronto Ontario

Dear Friends,
My paintings were exhibited in an art show in Toronto on Sunday, 30th Apri at
The Classic/Excellence Recreation Centre at 89 Skymark Dr, North York, ON M2H 3S6,
Please find pictures from the exhibition below.

Heartiest gratitude dear friends for the wishes and sharing the joy.
For both of us it was a wonderful experience ....
Many people appreciated the art...and there were so many artists from around the world and looking at their unique work made us more 
inspired. I will be experimenting something new soon.

Some of the people kept looking at the paintings for very very long quietly. Some came back 5 times and someone whole day.

Wonderful sharing...
We got tired today but it was worth it.

Surprisingly it was also a day of praise of India...people praised india to their hearts content and we received many hugs and invitations :)

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