July 30, 2008

Dhoop aur chhaoon...

Ah haaa

the beautiful, powerful, bangalore's breeze,
small streaks of sunlight, making a plant bright and then moving on to the other side,
i dont know if i am doing justice to what I saw...
but the continuous patterns of dhoop and chhaoon today morning (11 AM in office) was just beautiful :)
and there came a smile on my face :)

oh ho bhagwaan ji, u made my day!!!

i always say 'god bless u' to all the loved ones, what should i say to you :)

Bless You!!!

Thank you!!! :) :) :)


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  2. hey tanu....its very natural way of yr thoughts, tht i ve seen in yr blog..keep it up!

  3. Thank u Neetz, for dropping by and leaving a nice comment :)

  4. Blessed to be in Blore :)
    Hope there are no imbalances in the climate and Blore stays as it is :)

  5. Reallly Netra!!!!!
    Thats so true :)
    Even I wish the same :)


Thanks for your message :)