August 2, 2008

Nature captured - my latest shots with Sony T70

what a beauty! rainbow colours in bubbles

sky as canvas, god as painter

rain drops on my window, and i can see it all

natures art - colours, curves, light, shade

alone and blissful

what creation! what colours!

rain drops, shining :)


rain bubbles

sky: i cant be framed :)

view from the shuttles black glass window

the greens (my bus stop)

another world (an evening stroll in office)

leaves in my cubicle

sky strokes

view from the office window

glowing in the dark

rain drops on the leaves

behind the scene

sindooori sham ( from office shuttle )

All these pictures are clicked, at home or in office or on the way from home to office. The nature seems beautiful alwaysss...
only something can be captured in a camera but the real beauty is serene, innocent, inexplicable...

I feel blessed! :)


  1. You are an awesome photographer! I really appreciate your professionalism in clicking the pics you hosted on your blog. Its a pleasure to see such nice work! All the best, keep it up!

  2. Hey,

    some of these pics look professional..! Good progress buddy!

    Keep it up!


  3. thank u very much netra
    thanks for all the help
    would really love to knw from you, which all looked professional and which ones not :)

  4. Brilliant shots kudiye !!
    I don't know about photography and all but ....everything seems perfect - the entire cosmic arrangementof of things - an unbelievably beautiful nature and you blessed with an eye to capture it and on the top of everything, bulbule fulaane waali main ..hehehehehehe. Say thanks to me ;-)

  5. thank u very much hai ji for fulaing the bulbule and for such beautiful words :)
    god bless u kudiye!

  6. Mast photographer ho gayee ho itni jaldi. Indeed a very mature sense of photography!!

  7. Tanu yaar mazza aa gaya snaps dekh ke !!! And i gotta say that hamaari bulbula snap really came out well !

    fulaing ke liye to thanks kaha ,ab inspiration ke liye bhi keh !!!!

  8. Thank u very much sachin ji :)
    You made my day!!! :)

  9. Thanku motu :)
    sannu vi maza aa gaya tuhade comments dekh ke :)
    Thank u ji for the inspiration too :)

  10. Hi Tanuji,

    Very good morning....... :)
    i just liked all the photos, amazing :)
    it was soo pleasure for my eyes to see all the photos.
    Each photo is wonderful in its own way.

    GOD bless u tanuji. :)

    Warm Regards,

  11. Hello TG,

    Nice pics you have posted. Amazing to see them. However have a doubt if those were really clicked by you or did you have some one click it for you and threatened them not to leak out the reality?

    Ajeya :)

  12. Thanks Ajeya for posting a comment.

    The reality is, I can threaten only you :), and u know that you are not the one who clicked :)

  13. Great photos. Nature lover, that's what you are. You are a kind of person, who finds solace in simple things(which others usually ignore) in life. Keep it up!

    Sandeep Deshpande

  14. arre sandeep ji

    thanku thanku for such nice words :)
    mazzzaaaa aaa gayaaa!!!

    apne sahi pehchana :). ll hopefully take this love of mine for nature, very very high, far beyond the sky :)

  15. Your pictures are very beautiful and I can see you are a talented photographer to be able to capture the moments.

    Keep posting. Can I ask which camera do you possess ? :-)

    Compliment hai !! Le lo.


  16. arrre thank u very much hai ji :)
    i loveeeee compliments

    :)sure ji. my camera is Sony T70


Thanks for your message :)