July 5, 2008

In love with myself

A still screenshot from a video

Ah ha ha haaaa!!! :)
I have never felt so much in love with myself
I keep looking at my own video and keep smiling and admiring :). I have never seen myself like this. All these natural movements cannot be captured in a still photo.

Wow!!! what a smile!!! what a laugh!!! Lovely! :)

And am not joking, I really loved it!!!

Thank u bhagwaan ji!!!




  1. Well, truly it’s always moment of life where you realization self! and guess you had one

    Keep smiling.

  2. Well, Its truly the best feelin in the world to be in love with oneself... .. :) :)

  3. alok, diva,

    Thanks so much for such nice comments :)

    Feel you are also part of the same smiling, in love with myself group.

  4. Tanu, i still remember that day in SAP when we had this song session.. It was ur mom's b'day too.. Really had a lovely time together and always cherish me when I look back to those days...


Thanks for your message :)