July 9, 2008

Osho - On Love

IF YOU MEDITATE, BY AND BY YOU WILL SEE: EVERYTHING IS GOOD, EVERYTHING IS AS IT SHOULD BE. TATHATA, suchness, arises. Then, seeing a thief you don't think that he should be transformed -- you simply respond. Then you don't think that he is bad. And when you don't think about a man that he is bad, evil, you are creating a possibility for the man to be transformed. You are accepting the man as he is. And through that acceptance is transformation.

Have you watched it happen in your life too? WHENEVER SOMEBODY ACCEPTS YOU UTTERLY, UNCONDITIONALLY, YOU START CHANGING. His acceptance gives you such courage.... When there is somebody who simply loves you as you are, have you not seen the miracle happening that something changes, immediately starts changing, fast? The very acceptance that you are loved as you are -- NOTHING IS EXPECTED OF YOU -- gives you soul, makes you integrated, makes you confident, gives you trust. Makes you feel that you ARE. That you need not fulfill expectations, that you can BE, that your original being is respected.

EVEN IF YOU CAN FIND A SINGLE PERSON WHO RESPECTS YOU UTTERLY -- BECAUSE ALL JUDGMENT IS DISRESPECT -- who accepts you as you are, who does not make any demand on you, who says, 'Be as you are. Be authentically yourself. I love you. I love you, not what you do. I love you as you are in your self, your innermost core; I am not worried about your periphery and your clothes. I love your being -- not what you have. I am not concerned with what you have, I am concerned only with one thing -- what you are. And you are tremendously beautiful.'...

THAT'S WHAT LOVE IS. That's why love is such nourishment. When you can find a woman or a man who simply loves you -- for no reason at all, just for love's sake... AND LOVE TRANSFORMS. Suddenly you are another person you have never been. Suddenly the sadness has disappeared, the dullness gone. Suddenly you find a dance in your step, a song in your heart. You start moving in a different way -- a grace arises.

WATCH IT: WHENEVER SOMEBODY LOVES YOU, THE VERY PHENOMENON OF LOVE IS ENOUGH. Your coldness disappears, you start warming up. Your heart is no more indifferent towards the world. You look at flowers more, you look at the sky more -- the sky has a message... because a woman has looked into your eyes, or a man has looked into your eyes, and has accepted you utterly, with no expectation.

BUT THIS DOES NOT LAST, BECAUSE MAN IS SO FOOLISH. This honeymoon, sooner or later, disappears -- a week, two weeks, three weeks at the most. And sooner or later the woman starts expecting, and the man starts expecting, 'Do this. Don't do that.' And again you are pulled back, you are no more in the sky. Again you are burdened, love has disappeared. Now the woman is more interested in your purse. Now the man is more interested in his food, arranging the family, arranging the house, and a thousand and one details -- but you are no more in tune with each other's being.

IF THAT HARMONY REMAINS, THEN EVERYTHING IS OKAY. You can go on doing thousand and one things, nothing is disturbed. But that harmony is lost; you start taking each other for granted. Within those three weeks you have labeled each other. The day your labeling is complete, the honeymoon is over.



  1. hey tanu.. ur writings are sooo gud.. so inspiring.. wish i was like u.. in love with life.. God bless u!! :)

  2. Thank u very much hai ji :)
    par ye writing meri nahi hai
    ye Osho ne bola hai, maine sirf post kiya hai :)
    Baki in love with life hona to sabke bas ki baat hai :)
    aap bhi ho jao :)
    Thank u very much for the blessings :)
    GOD bless u too!!! :)

  3. Nice blog Tanu..
    Really a heart touching one ...
    I feel really great after reading dis.Actually u feel a kind of plesure when u com to no that a change has happened in u in ur ignorance and dats d impact of sombody whom you love.

    Thanks a lot..
    Cheers........ :)

  4. :)
    Thank u sooo much prajna
    It is so nice to read your comments and that too such lovely ones :)
    These beautiful comments are more like an album to me, which I will cherish throughout my lifetime :)
    Thanks a lot for being a part of the same :)
    God bless u!


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