July 15, 2008

Another beautiful compliment... :)

Cant tell you what it means to listen to this, but I experienced this.
"Didi, aap mat jana. Aap chale jaoge to main kaise rahoongi. aap ek aisa ped(tree) ho, jiski chhaya mein main rehti hoon''

I was blessed to listen to this from my beloved, cute, lovely, lively friend and more like a younger sister to me. :) . I dint know what to say then...
But today morning, sitting in the office shuttle with another beloved friend, I told him the same.
I have a good/bad habit of sharing all my compliments. His response was 'Ab use ped banna padega' :) (i.e. After I leave, she will have to become a tree)

To kudiye, now I know, and you know, what I wanna say to you and how I feel.

Thanks a lot bhagwaan ji, for blessing me with such wonderful people :)


  1. V nice compliment I must say....

  2. Haina :)
    Thank u hai ji!!! :)

  3. Hey Sweety.......So happy for you...Be the same always n Keep spreading your love and kindness to everyone around....Kyunki jaisa principal,waise bache...:))

  4. :D Thank you vicky ji! :)


Thanks for your message :)