July 15, 2008

My PG, my home...

3 years back, when I came to live in Banaglore, for my job, I happened to live in this PG (where I am living till date), and I happened to meet few very ugly people. Ugly not from looks but from hearts and deeds. Very negative, cunning and what not. I used to wonder, why did God create such people. My home in this big PG was my room, with few close and lovely friends, asma, asiya and varu. The moment, I used to step out of the room, the presence of those ugly people used to make me feel giddy. It used to be no WE, only ME.

And these days, in the same PG ,we live like a family. All those ugly people are no more there. They left on 1st Jan 2007. I danced so much on that day. And since then, in the last one and a half year, slowly slowly, everything is completely changed. We cook together, we eat together, we live together.

Yesterday, I had severe cold and bad health, the moment I reached home, I got a cup of tea (doodh mein patti), then daal roti, steam, medicine, water, lot of love and care. I could not even say thanks to them (nishu and vicky) again and again, it is so small a word. I can just give them a tight hug and my love.

Another miracle happened today, my ex-roommate, a very pessimistic and closed girl, very simple and sweet, who is married now, came to my PG today, I felt happy and hugged her lightly and she gave me a tight hug. It is just so surprising, just not expected from her. I felt so happy and hugged her again.
Osho says : 'Miracles happen'. They happen everyday in my (and our) life... :)


Living in harmony is just so beautiful, it makes live so simple, so fulfilling :). Though its difficult in the beginning, because of our different cultures, different upbringings and our differences.
But this harmony is worth staking our ego and differences for.

Thank a lot to each member of my bangalore home :)

God bless you all!!!

Luv you!!! :)


  1. Hurrayyyyyyyyyy......me so happy and blessed to be part of this family...:))

  2. he he assin vee massi :D

  3. :)
    Gutt ke jaffi mundiya >:)<

  4. That was a really nice post!! How about one on the office friends of yours - in both offices. Am sure, there will be lots of great memories there as well..

  5. Thank u ji
    Yes, there are sooo many :)
    mast idea hai ji :)


Thanks for your message :)