October 17, 2008

Moving on to a new journey...

Life takes us on such twists and turns, gives us so much, the journey of life is just so unexpected and amazing :)
We rarely sit back and look...thank for whatever life has given us.

Today, 17th October, 2008, is one such day when I have got a chance to look back the path I have followed. And I feel truly blessed...

The journey of 'me' started when for the first time I came out of the womb, of a secure life with my parents, when 'I came to bangalore'. I am so thankful to God for sending me, for creating my path, for giving me this life.

I am a rich being today...In the last 3 years, I have got so much that it cannot even be expressed in words. My life has changed from a completely materialistic life to a beautiful and a thanksgiving life. I am transformed, yes I feel, I know, I have transformed.

Today is my last working day in my office SAP labs, bangalore, and tomorrow is my last day in bangalore, and there's a heart full of thankfulness, and eyes full of tears. I feel blessed to have tears in my eyes, I am crying because I have fallen in love with so many people, with this life, and I am lucky to receive so much. I am crying because I can see so many beings, whom I have met in this life, whom I am gonna miss, and who say that they will miss me.
Thank u bhagwaan ji...

The journey of life has been even more beautiful for me than ever before, and I am leaving bangalore to enter into the next phase of this journey, to see what life has in store for me.

And as I leave, I am taking with me, a 'New ME', the memories, the blessings, the love, the beauty.

For all you people, I have just thanks and wishes for a beautiful beautiful life.

My bhagwaan ji bless you!


  1. A witness to the transformation - I too feel blessed Tanu. Life has chosen you to be more cheerful , more smiling and more loving than the rest. Keep smiling kudiye !

  2. :)
    thank you hai ji :)
    Luv u >:)<

  3. Very nicely written..! :)

    The best being the sentence: "I am getting married to 'Sachin ji', the one who's is chosen by my bhagwaan ji and me :)."

    Very cute!! :)

    Good luck in all ur future endeavours.

    Lots of love,

  4. :)
    Thank u so much hai ji :)

    Luv u :)

  5. After readg ur blog I felt so emotional.May god bless u with all d happiness in life. I will tell pearl 2 ask bhaghwanji 2 make ur life full of happiness nd smiles.

  6. Preeto ji :)
    thank u for the blessings. really, its a loving comment. While writing down this post, I was emotional, so thats why it has come out to be an emotional one, which is very different from all my earlier posts. :)
    In any case, thanks a lot for all your wishes :)

  7. hello Di
    First time went through your blog.
    Liked it sho much. Shows a calm, peaceful, thanksgiving attitude. One learns a lot from you.

    keep smiling and laughing as ever. Will meet u soon.

    PRABH :-)

  8. :) Thank u so much prabh for leaving a lovely comment :)
    You too keep smiling always :)

  9. I keep telling my friends say cheese 24/7..and unless our hearts r clean, v can't do that..reading yr posts, u come out as a good person, my salute...and best wishes..

  10. thank you ramesh for dropping by and leaving a comment :)
    and thanks a lot for the wishes :)

  11. Congrates n
    all d best for new begining...

  12. Hey, hope you are doing well ..

    Congratulation !!! n good luck to you both :)

    P.S : Sorry for the late comment.

  13. thank u so much alok for the wishes!
    its never too late :)

    thank ketan for dropping by and the wishes :)

  14. Thank you for stopping by Brush Strokes.

    I truly enjoyed your post. You have a good way with words.

    Hope to see you again, and you new life sounds wonderful...


  15. Today, 3rd Jan 2009, when I read this post again, it makes me think...
    'Life takes us on such twists and turns', yes this is another one...and I had forgotten that.
    I realized today that there is still immense possibility of the 'me' blooming into a flower. I feel happy that I have lived my life and got the thanksgiving attitude, but at the same time, I realise that the thanksgiving IS there, but in times of happiness.

    Life has brought me on to the next step, the path is created by me or by bhagwaan ji, I wish this journey to be beautiful and a celebration...


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