February 2, 2009

Haaaa...my life...

I wish to live the most beautiful life possible
a life of freedom
a life of love
a life where each moment is divine
a life where I am true to myself always
a life where I am overflowing to give
a life full of dance, laughter and bliss

I wish to make this dream a reality...

bhagwaan ji, please help me...



  1. Superb Pic!

    God Bless You!

    All the best for a wonderful life ahead!

  2. Nice pic :)

    Hope your dreams come true very soon :)

    Lots of Love,

  3. OSHO says,I am here to help you to celebrate life in all possible ways. I am here to help you to dance deeply with life, to sing the song that is in your heart and to flower to your optimum. Then there is joy, because there is fulfilment. Then even death is beautiful, because one has lived, one has known, one has loved, one has suffered, one has felt the moments of great ecstasies. One has lived in all possible ways. One has experienced what life is in its pain, in its pleasure, in its dark moments, and the valleys, and the sunlit peaks… But everything is based on one fundamental, and that fundamental is celebration......OSHO.....

  4. thank u soo much prateek, netra, bhaiya for leaving such wonderful words and for the best wishes :)
    god bless u all!

  5. Tanu Jee awesome photo .....! God bless u dear :)


Thanks for your message :)