February 8, 2009

Tender, Love, Care...

Sitting in the balcony, enjoying the energy giving sun, I saw a black diseased dogi, licking its small puppy with so much love and tenderness :)
Sat there for sometime just looking at the beautiful sight, it shows life...
I wonder why do we rarely see this kind of scene in human society (especially the indian society), I do not see humans loving, caring, each other with tenderness. The truth is every being needs love, care....and thankfully, we are capable of that...everything else is secondary...

I wish humans really become humans and take every possible opportunity to love and care for another human (or any being). God has been so generous to make us humans, give us feelings, senses to enjoy and feel love, touch, fragrance... The society has tried its best to make us secure, powerful, formal, but it takes away from us the most beautiful, the feelings, the tenderness, the affection...

I wish to make this world a better place, a very beautiful place, where people really LIVE and not just survive.

Hopefully, at least the readers of this blog will be with me :)



  1. Thank GoD we have each other to keep us reminding of all we care for and live for ! :)

  2. Nicely written :)


Thanks for your message :)