March 11, 2009

'Home' in the creating...

Home is the place to 'be' ... coming back to one's natural self...

My vision of 'creating' a home is to create a heaven for oneself, around oneself, the moment you are in, you experience yourself melting, joyous, dancing, blissful... This can be done by the beings living in the home, keeping aside negativity and blooming positivity, and most important is 'love' and the expression of love...
But, along with this, the 'aura', the set-up too matters a lot. A clumsy, dirty, bad smelling, congested home will not be able to give that feeling.

Till now, we have just bought and arranged furniture...
I try to give it a different feeling, by keeping it clean, some fragrance of agarbatti, some music depending on the mood. And on or near the 'Full moon' night, only candle lights, fragrance, music, and great food :)...
We plan to buy a lot of green plants this weekend, they bring life to the home and add to the family... curtains, colours, accessories are also in the plan...

I would like to share with you all the initial set up of 'Premasim' (our new home) :)...will surely update the post with the new additions and changes...:)

Hope you will like it. All feedback is welcome...


  1. Saw all the pics... :) Beautiful..!
    The arrangements look very soothing and nice.. So, all your dreams of interior decoration are unfolding now!! :) I can imagine how much you might be enjoying it!
    And last but not the least, the plant in your bathroom.. Remember, once Ajeya and Bharath making fun of it! :D

    Lots of Love,

  2. All the arrangements are just in place and perfect tanu jee :). God Bless u with more n more happiness sweet heart :). I agree with Netra u might have enjoyed to the fullest, then look at the way it has come out and appreciate and say thank u Bhagwaan ji :)

    Take Care,

  3. Lovely.. Nice cozy home!! I cant wait to see more!! I love the painting on the wall... Is it something you've done yourself???

  4. Your aura already reflects in your beautiful home.. Keep it up!

    Best Regards,

  5. For some reason I am able to look at half the frame. !.. Would love to see the slideshow properly.

  6. @Netra: I always feel very happy seeing your comments...yes! you know it :)...i love doing this slowly slowly...finally :). I dont remember kya kehte the par poochna padega...:)

    @Souju : thanks so much souju for the lovely comment...and for the best wishes...:)) made me happy... :)

  7. @ Patricia: thanks so much for dropping by, looking and leaving such nice comments...I too loved your blogs(have seen colours dekor and shutter bees). The painting on the wall is actually a sticker bought and pasted in the corridor. I would love to do such wall paintings but we live in a rented apartment :)

    We have bought curtains yesterday, would update some new ideas and pics soon. thanks :)

  8. @ Prateek: Thank u! thank u :))
    You make me happy everytime you leave a comment :)...I become more self obsessed... he he he

  9. Tagged you! Its a fun one so do take it up :)


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