April 20, 2009

my lovely varu :)

I have a cute, little, lovely, beautiful and lovable friend.

Recently, she went to the 'house warming ceremony' of her relatives. Their home is in a much desired location, on the 7th floor, with beautiful view of jungle around. She went to see the bed-room, which she loved. Their lied a nice, cute bed. She sat on the bed, felt like lying down...she lied down...saw the blue sky with white clouds... smiled... and fell asleep. :)

The family came to show their guests, the bed-room, and their lied my friend, sleeping, on their bed. :)

Such a child at heart. And I have always loved the child in you.

Wish you a free life, of a child...wish the innocence in you remain...and beautify you with each passing day...

With luv


  1. LOL...Only varuna is capable of doing it :P

    A very nice post :)

  2. Forgot to add...pic is also very beautiful! Looks like the gals of daviet are having a blast! :)

  3. thanks mohit :)...
    we used to when we were in bangalore :)...

  4. varu u wont grow....rather we dont want u to grow....tanu ritely...child at heart....which experiences attack when u start ur councilling sessions...hahaha....and must say....very sweet pic

  5. This is such a sweet and funny incident you have quoted here Tanu... :)
    yup our Varu is a darling:)


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