April 13, 2009

Osho on 'Your birthright to take flight'

So my whole life from the very beginning has been concerned with two things: never to allow any unintelligent thing to be imposed upon me, to fight against all kinds of stupidities, whatsoever the consequences, and to be rational, logical, to the very end. This was one side, that I was using with all those people with whom I was in contact. And the other was absolutely private, my own: to become more and more alert, so that I didn't end up just being an intellectual.
Intellect and meditation, meeting together, growing together, give you the wholeness of being.
There have been meditators who have not had very grown-up intellects. They enjoyed their meditation, they were fulfilled, but they were incapable of conveying the message to anyone -- because for that a very sharp intelligence is needed. You will have to cut the whole jungle of the other person's mind, you will have to make a path in the jungle of thoughts. You will need a really sharp, sword-like intelligence.
But if you just create the path, that is not the purpose. A path is meaningless unless there is a traveler.
Intellect can make the path but meditation travels on it.
You ask me, Is that the same potential of all? Yes, absolutely yes. It is everybody's birthright. You have just never tried it.
You have wings but nobody has pushed you.
You have not taken the jump on your own: you are still sitting in the shelter.
The whole sky is yours -- but you are not claiming it.
My function here is to drag you out of your shelter.
Whatever is needed to be done, I am ready to do it If you need a push, good; if you need a hit, good.
I am ready to do anything to give you just a little experience -- to experience that you have wings, then my work is finished.
If you can just flutter from one tree to another, you have got the golden secret in your hands.

From Misery to Enlightenment
Chapter #1

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