December 28, 2009

Baby 'Reet' captured with my new Canon EOS 1000D

My first portraits of beloved 'Reet'. She is my friend's daughter and she is 10 months old. It was fun shooting her :)


  1. Great clicks!

    Reet is so cuteee.

  2. Man!!! These are simply amazing! :)

    Wonderful shots! Its a very nice cam that you have bought! More than the cam, I love the compositions and the way you have taken the baby snaps!

    Great photography dear! :)

    Happy clicking!

  3. Thank u priyank :)

    Thanks a lot netra, Your comments mean much to me as you are my inspiration in photography :)...

  4. Superb ....Kya effects diye hai snaps mein. This was a surprise ;-)) I was not knowing you will update on ur blog. I am so happy to receive compliment for Reet. Thanks.

  5. A disturbed morning was alighted by these bright beautiful happy faces ! Reet is like an angel for me today :)

    Thanks for uploading the pics !

  6. Hey ! In the first pic , I can see you with your camera in her eyes..:) May this innocence in her eyes last forever.

    And amazing camera ladkiii !!!

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  8. no comments bt i can say only that this is like the sweetest child i hav ever seen....great photographs indeed!!!


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