December 16, 2009

Wall Art...

In my home...

Low seating arrangement...

My meditation area

Wall art along the corridor

Closer look

Bedroom view

Red added to the boring kitchen tiles

Simple bathroom mirror

Wall art does wonders in converting a space into a home. The wall art in my home is a combination of oil paintings, stickers, tissues etc.
I would love to paint a wall and experient more with it, but the house is on rent. Wall art suits small spaces and gives them a unique and elegant feel :). What say??


  1. oh wow!! wow!! thats a lot of wall art.. amazing!! Love the low seating one..

  2. This is amazingly beautiful.

  3. ji bahuuuuuuuut sahi !! everything is sooooo beauuuutiful !! still my fav is the Bathroom mirror blue flower !!loved it :)

  4. ;-)) u r grt !!!! Urs Reet room is open for art ;-)))

  5. arre mazaaa aa gaya aap ke comments padh kar :), bahut bahut dhanyawaad aap sab ko :)

    @patricia: thanks so much, ur words are so full of energy and always make me happy :)

    @priyank: thank u hai ji, maine blog update kar kar ke apna contract final kar liya :)

    @harjot: i know the blue link, motu, to tere ghar ke interiors main karoongi, and i ll use max blue decor in ur room, pink in varus room and my fav color in the living room :)

    @preetika: thank u ji...aree bahut khushi se...aa gayi main :)

  6. ~~ he he done ~ par chal saara hi blue kar lete hain naa :P

  7. Your mum, Manu and I feel blessed to have you amongst us.

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