March 9, 2010

Let her flow...

Sometimes I feel, if I am just a woman or also a human being...
does a woman really belong to the species called 'human' ?

the human inside me wishes to be free like air,
desires to just 'be'...
sometimes become mobile like a tiger
sometimes stop like a buddha

the human in me cries
seeing the discrimination a woman faces...

the human in me desires to tell each and every human being
what are you doing
why not just let her 'be'
why not just let her decide for herself
why force her to be unnatural

Let her flow 
like a breeze...

for she is not to be caged
she is to be loved and respected

she is the one who devote herself to you
she is the one who loves you intensely
she is the one who has made your life, 'Life'

Let her flow
like a breeze...


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