March 11, 2010

Islamic Museum Doha

I went to the 'Pearls Exhibition' at Museum of Islamic Art, but the camera was not allowed, so cannot share the pictures of the beautiful pearls with you :(

I already added the night pictures of the museum in an earlier post
This time, I was able to capture the day view from the museum.
Hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I enjoyed the view and the shooting :)

Beautiful doors and filtered light patterns...

The ceiling...

That's the cafe'

Reet enjoying the view too...
I loved the water patterns behind, and light rays on the baby

Reet with her mum...

 Can you see the baby walking on water, and the sky-line view behind :)

sea side located....

Fountains gleaming in the sun...

The clear doha sky-line view from the museum...

You can find more pictures of the museum here


  1. Beautiful the one of Reet with the light rays falling !

  2. thanks for liking and leaving a comment, purnima :)

  3. beautiful.. The pics look more and more professional :)

  4. ah haaa!!!
    thats a biggg compliment netra :)

  5. oh.. Beautiful pictures... Lovely museum.. the view is impressive!

  6. :))) thanks patricia?
    why dont you come over to doha sometime?

  7. Saving these comments from my loved ones at one place, so that when I come back an cherish all of these together :)

    Navneet -
    i super duper lik em!!!aap toh chaa gae di!ekdum professional typs!!!awesummmm shots .... :)....

    Harjot Dhaliwal -
    as usual saadi kudi makin us proud :D too good massi ! difficult to say which one my fav !! Thanks for the treat ! lovin it :)

    Vicky -
    I loved your pics.....especially reet's and her mom.....plz do take one pic of reet n yours also...k
    reet walking on water is so cute....hehe....:)

  8. Wow.. really I liked all the pics. I was not knowing u r clicking such a nice snaps at that time. ;-)))

  9. Brilliant place and photographs Tanu!

  10. thanks preetika & vineeta :)


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