April 19, 2010

Birthday Photo Shoot!

I happened to do a Birthday Photo Shoot of baby girl Ananya on her 2nd Birthday.

It was fun, a learning experience and most of all a heart fulfilling one. Sharing few pictures from the shoot.

I tried to capture all natural expressions, happy moments and love. No posing.
I sent them the album with captions, and uploaded one on picasa.
And, when I received Ananya's Mom's phone call...
Ahhhhh!!! her voice was so warm and full of happiness and gratitude, which made the experience a heart fulfilling one. 
I am glad all of them loved the pics :). How about you?
Hope to receive more of such photo shoot offers :)


  1. We have booked you for lifetime photo taking !!!!! ;-))))))))))))))

  2. :))) kya baat hai!!! Waise ye booking aap karo ya na karo, reet ki photos to hum hi shoot karenge! :))


Thanks for your message :)