April 23, 2010

Marine Festival, Doha (Sand Art Exhibition)

Marine Festival  was an amazing experience for all art and fun lovers. 
From Sculpture, painting, ancient doha recreation and other visual art exhibitions,
 to Marine and other sports, to movie beside the beach and barbaques.

In this photo-shoot, am covering basically the sculpture exhibition, which I personally found most amazing.

These camels are surreal

What a wonder with the Beach Sand! 

Beside the beautiful beach, with doha skyline view behind.

I loved the eyes of this woman...

Such detailing in sand art...

Artist with his work

     Musical Fountains...

Watching movie beside the sea, under the sky...ahhhh!!!

Some ancient work exhibitions...

An ancient Doha look recreated...

The Marine Festival was a treat to my eyes.
I thoroughly enjoyed the ambiance and shooting. Leave me a message if you enjoyed it too :).


  1. wow... I can imagine the experience u had there :)

    Beautiful art, im also inspired to make such an art... No sand in Blore, only thing I get here is slushy mud ;)Hehe..

    Watching movie in such a place... Sounds cool.. :)

    Have fun, visit more such places :)

  2. This is a beautiful post! Thanx for sharing so much art with us, here I've never had the privilege to see such beautiful sand sculptures. They are gorgeous!

  3. @Netra: Yes, it was real fun and luckily the weather was good too with soft breeze. Great experience.
    Come to doha and practice sand art here :)

    @Vineeta: Am so glad you liked it. Its great sharing art with art lovers :). Thanks.


Thanks for your message :)