April 25, 2010

My explorations of truth...

Throughout our lives, we are learning from the other...

A child has to learn, learn to stand, to eat, to drink...
he sees others, copies them and tries to do and learn what elders are doing.
we see ourselves in others, somebody says 'you are beautiful', we consider ourselves beautiful
somebody says 'you are so ugly, dark', we consider ourselves ugly..
we see the way, the world see at us.

my idea of me being fair, fat, beautiful, tall, is not really mine. It is the other's idea of me, which I have always been thinking as truth.
A society where almost everybody is more than 6 feet, I would think myself as short.

We 'ARE'... of what we think about ourselves, in comparison with the others.

It is needed and is good, but someday, we need to drop it too. Otherwise, we will continue to live a false life, a life which is just a reflection of the other.

We have not yet seen our real beauty. We are not aware of the real knowing yet.

We learn a lot of things from others and say, yes, you are right, but that yes is not our own. It is just external knowledge.

When one sees oneself, throwing away all the ideas of the society put into him, one can see one's real face.
That face which is not in comparison with anybody. It just 'IS'...

When one knows, the knowing is from the heart,
one need not tell or prove it to anybody
infact, one cannot prove
one just knows, his heart knows, it is true...
one has full authority of one's knowing...
Total authority... which can be there only if it is one's own knowing, without any comparison to anybody.

Even if the whole world disappears, one would still have total authority of his knowing, of his truth...


  1. Excellent!!!
    May God bless us all with trusting hearts.

  2. Excellent!!!
    May God bless us all with trusting hearts.


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