May 11, 2010

Take control...

The only thing you have at your disposal is 'Your Life'. No one else's life is in your hands.

What you want from your you want to live it;
whether you want to live it in misery or in joy,
whether you want to live it in self pity or courageously,
whether you want to live it in throwing responsibility on others or taking responsibility in your own hands,
its your choice, its absolutely only your choice.

Its your life, and its in your hands and you can do anything with it. Wowwwww!!!
At least something is in our hands :)

Whatsoever choices you make, whatsoever you do with your life, one things is certain i.e.
Death, this life is certain to end one day.

Remind yourself that, remind again and again, so that you don't tend to waste a single moment of this life.

This life...
which has tremendous potential to be lived in the most beautiful ways one can ever imagine,
which has utmost capacity to be a totally content phenomena,
which gives you power to make choices of your own,
and trust me
existence has been very generous with us, this life is a gift to us and it is tremendously beautiful...

I live in wonder at existence, which conceived of such a creation as 'Life'

Take control of your life, only you can drive it...

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