May 17, 2010

O death

O death,
help me, encounter me,
I have not yet learnt to live life...
I am just another being who is
     too timid to live
     too timid to take risks for breathing freely
I am a scared being with all the fears of losing

O death,
encounter me,
show me there is nothing to lose,
show me there is nothing to be attached to

I wish to live each moment
with no fear to lose anything, or any being
with no worry about him or her, about this or that
with love and gratitude towards life itself

O death,
Teach me
As soon as possible
I don't want to postpone the phase of timidness, the phase of being against my heart,
for people I love,

Ahhhh!!! I wonder what kind of love it is
There is just need of each other, which we mistake as love
Love must be something that fills one with a feeling of absolute freedom
But to experience the supreme love, one must be ready to stake everything

O death
Please encounter me
and teach me to Live
I need to meet you...
I don't see any way out...

O death
I know you are my friend
I am not scared of you,
I am just scared of living a timid life

O death
Come, Encounter me...

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