June 7, 2010

Sharq Village Resort, Doha

Located beside the sea, Sharq Village Resort is one of my favourite places to be, over the weekend.

The Exteriors

Grounded architecture and perfect dim lighting

Can you spot the seating arrangements inside the water

A beautiful balcony

The garden

The pool

Amazing night view

The Interiors
are even more aesthetically designed
I loved the symmetry and the details

This fountain at the entrance with white and red rose petals...

Ahhhh....what reflections

The lovely staircase, and an enlarged view of the stair-grill design

A side seating...

The Arabian touch...

I love this place as it gives a treat to my aesthetic senses. How about you?


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  2. Amazing place and belated happy birthday to Sachin jee :)

  3. Gr8 pics as usual... Sachin ji ka birthday...kaab thaa? Anyways, belated birthday wishes

  4. Thanks varu.

    @Sarang: Sachin ji ka bday 6th june ko tha, apke wishes humne deliver kar diye hain. & Thanks for liking the pics :)


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