May 4, 2010

Trust in you

Trust gives me roots
Trust can never be betrayed

Trust in you,
      has shown me the way,
      has given me courage to experiment, to explore and to find on my own
           the truth, the knowing, you have always been talking about
           the truth, the knowing, that you had known
           the truth, the knowing, that you always wished me to know, to wake me from my deep sleep

Trust in you,
      has taught me to trust myself
      I have always been the closest to me, and never trusted me...
      you have shown me the way, to start trusting myself

Trust in you,
      has taught me to trust existence
      Things which once were just dreams or talks of you, are my own experiences now

Trust in you,
      has made me able to talk to the existence now, with the breeze, the trees, the cats, the birds, the people 
      far far away...
      you said it is possible, I then felt it must be,
      Trust in you, has made it possible 'O my beloved'
      'I'  can't thank you can any word be the substitute of my gratitude towards you

Trust in you
      has put me on a never ending, beautiful journey

Trust in you
      has given me roots deep in the earth
      and wings to fly high in the sky

Trust in you
      O my beloved 'OSHO'

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  1. Excellent!!!
    May God bless all of us with a trusting heart!


Thanks for your message :)