July 2, 2010

Encounter with the 'real I'

I was born as an innocent being
I was born with an empty slate
I was born with no name

I was given a name,
      to be used to address me in this world of people.
People around started telling me the ways of the world,
      each one giving me a description of his own.
My empty slate was being written since then,
      by innumerable number of people, with their own descriptions.

As I grew up,
I started seeing the world, according to the descriptions written on my slate.
     In every situation, I would behave after searching for the correct description on my slate.
I started knowing me as my name,
     Now, only my name and the description about me and the world was important to me.
I was Tanu, a Hindu Female, who is tall, fair, beautiful, good in studies and with people, very efficient in all chores and very respectful to the people around and good in taking care of the young ones.

Since then, I have known myself as this description

But sometimes I think,
     what if my name changed to Varuna or Shahrukh,
     what if I was told that I am a male and should never cry and should not cook,
     what if I was told then that sex is a meditation and not a sin,
     what if I was born in the western world,
     what if I was told that elders are not the ones to be respected but the younger ones are,
     what if???

'I' was born clear, living moment to moment...
'I' feel this writing was important, to help me to have some unreal personality to survive in the world.

now time is ripe,
  to seek the real 'I'
     that has no name,
     that can drop this unreal personality in search for the real one
     that can live and see this world, not based on the descriptions imbibed on the slate, but through one's own real seeing, 'I' was born with...

Now time is ripe,
   to encounter with the 'real I'

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