July 16, 2010

Peep into my 'Premasim'...

A unique curtain holder...(designed by me ;))

My sunflower, with white string curtain as background

Close up

My beloved books arranged in new book shelf

May my buddha impart some wisdom to me :)

Yellow roses in contrast to the red theme

Just like that

Little dancing butterflies hanging from the top, especially for the baby Reet.

The cozy nights...


  1. very nice.. looks n feels like a very calm place :)

    BTW, nice collection of books.. and good job at the curtain holder.. (are you open for orders?) :)

  2. Thanks prateek...
    arre anytime ji, curtain holder se poore ghar ke interiors ka, batao batao kab ki booking karoon? ;)

  3. very creative curtain holder :)
    Beautiful interiors and nice lighting in all your photos. Those butterflies are really cute :)
    I see some more dreams of urs unfolding.. I see a good interior decorator in you now :)

    Keep it up and keep it goin :)

    Lots of Love,

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  5. Thanks Netra :))
    I too love the lighting, and am glad you identified it :)
    Yes, they are and I feel like experimenting with the new :)
    Thanks for the wishes :)


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