August 20, 2010

Identification, an Illusion

Whatsoever or whosoever one identifies oneself with, when that would be gone, one would feel something dying in him too.
The truth is everything, and everybody that we see around us today will be gone someday.
In existence, nothing has ever been the same, and the things, places and faces surrounding us continue to change.

Someone identifies oneself with his/her son, 
someone with money
someone with job
someone with his/her parents
someone with one's beloved
someone with art
someone with one's house
someone with meditation
someone with spirituality
and most of us with our bodies and mind

Each one of us identify ourself with something, be dependent on that something, and when that is gone or dies, we too let ourself be in misery and then start looking for something else to be identified with. We desire to be in illusion always.

The truth is 
I am not money, I am not the other, I am not my parents or my kids,
I am not a job, I am not a house, I am not fame,
I am not this body, I am not the mind...

I have spent the entire life in identification with the outside, and have never received any real contentment.
I know nothing about my existence, where do I come from, and where will I go when I die...
Who am I?

Let's just watch who or what are we identifying ourselves with. Start discarding everything one by one, and search for the real. That would also lead to feeling of freedom and the possibility of being in love without any dependencies and illusions.


  1. I've been thinking about illusions and the line between reality and virtual world getting thinner and thinner. Nice to see similar thoughts from you :) Very beautifully put in words..


Thanks for your message :)