September 25, 2010

Am I real???

Whatsoever you do, eating, working, dancing, writing, loving, anything you do, reflect who or what you are...

Holding a cup of coffee,
touching a child,
hugging your beloved,
eating or drinking,
shouting in the crowd,
any action of yours, is a by-product of your inner being.
Your doing is secondary, your being is primary.

You might do anything just for the sake of it, but it won't have any truth and you cannot hide it from a real person.
And, that is the reason you can never lie to a small child, especially a child of 3-9 months. Look into their eyes and you will know how real or fake you are.The child will give you such a deep look, that all your so called ego will be shattered to pieces. A child always prefer a person whose touch is loving, whose feel and hug is warm. For example, someone who is very scared & insecure, reflects his insecurity even through his hands. Such a person will hold a cup or a child very tightly using his fingers as claws.

A child can instantly feel your truth. Same is the case with any real person. A real person can look through you.

Looking at a woman, one can see if she is a mother or not. Her warmth, her love surrounds her.
A woman is able to give birth to a child, but every woman who gives birth to a child does not become a mother. Unless her longing for a child was real, the patience, the warmth, the unconditional love that a mother is blessed with, will not happen to her. I am shocked to see women becoming mothers for reasons of future planning, retirement policies, society pressure. But, in such cases, she misses much and is always stuck.
No other reason is true, except if it is your own inner longing.

Your inner is the link between you and existence, and the real longing is an indication from existence, that now is the time.

Stop being fake, stop doing things that are forced upon you in anyway.

Be more and more real.
Let the true in you bloom
Let all fake disappear

Its only the search for real that really matters...
Start being true to yourself...


  1. very true..
    Best way to live is to be true to urself..!


Thanks for your message :)