September 22, 2010

Thank you :)

Life's beautiful experiences cannot be remembered. They can only be relived. I feel they are not stored in the normal memory but somewhere deep within.
Just closing our eyes, going back, we can relive those wonderful times.

Yesterday, my birthday, was one such day. All 24 hours went in knowing and experiencing the love of people
from old friends to new
from siblings to babies
from young to old
from near dear ones to acquaintances
from loving hugs to warm messages
from sound waves to thought energy

Sleeping with a smile and waking up with a smile.
It feels wonderful to see your beloved hubby trying to act and maintain secrecy, in order to surprise you on your b'day. And, you, wanting to believe and not wanting to believe at the same time. Finding special gifts and loving cards in unexpected places, making you realize how much you are loved. Care and love showering all day.

In the evening, totally unexpected, you enter a beautifully decorated, candle lit home, a doll (my dear friend) jumping on music, lovely cake and decorations just for you;
and you, just stand there surprised, and then with overflowing happiness hug everybody. :)
A beautiful handmade card and a much needed gift (portable canvas stand), it's Preetika's hidden creativity. Truly thankful to you, Preetika, for making my day, 'my favourite kind of day :)'

On a birthday, along with celebrations, one also realizes how blessed one is with love, friendships, innocence, togetherness showering from everywhere. And the heart says 'All that you have is the purity of Thisness, this moment. osho'

I feel blessed to be part of this planet that breathes
I feel blessed to be part of existence that celebrates 
I feel blessed to relive the moments of love and trust
My heart is full of gratitude to existence that has sprinkled all the wonderful people in my life.

Heartfelt thanks to each one of you :))



  1. Sounds like you had an awesome awesome b'day..:)Happy for you!
    Belated wishes !

  2. Love u always. Keep Smiling :-)))

  3. @Purnima : It really was and thanks so much :)

    @Motu : :))

    @Preetika: Luv u ji!!!


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